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Three New Books in Summer 2010!

This summer I am publishing three new books through CreateSpace (a publishing division of Amazon).  These books are very different from my six collections of natural wisdom.  The heart of each book was either written or took serious shape during my time on Whidbey Island, Washington (2005-2008) while living simply in small cabins in the greenwood of those wet and salty Northwest forests.

You can order them through Your Favorite Booksource (links are to Amazon).

Life After Faith was, in some ways, my hardest book project to date, mainly because of the intimately personal nature of the narrative.  I usually refer to Life After Faith as my “spiritual autobiography” but it is also my first attempt at a pragmatic presentation of a primarily positive, constructive, meaningful and compassionate pathway out of religious faith.  I try to keep it somewhat light, but the seriousness of the issue of faith and the journey beyond faith centers the book on more than my story–it opens up possibilities for creative exploration in “natural spirituality” with companions such as John Burroughs, Thomas Paine and many others. 

My Address is a River took a number of years to shape into something I think many will find both delightful and troubling.  I have collected seventy stories from my “chaplain years” (1980-2005) working with people on the edges of our consciousness and our communities–socially, physically and mentally struggling folks, prisoners and home-seekers (homeless).  The stories “tell it like it is” or at least as I saw it.  This is an R-Rated romp (“R” for respectful) drawing wisdom from voices rarely if ever heard.

Jesus and John Muir is my hesitant saunter into the world of fiction.  This novella may be short but it brings together two wild characters who never met but need to meet somehow, somewhere in our brains.  I had great fun writing this and I suspect many will want more character development and more storytelling (!) but I’m simply offering a fanciful tale that I hope stirs the “followers” of faith and the “followers” of the environmental movement to reconsider the common ground of this wilderness planet.

I invite you to read and to comment.  I appreciate all my faithful readers.

Chris Highland