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Chris Highland is the author of six Natural Wisdom books and other works in the Freethinking tradition.  He is a teacher, writer and social worker living in the SF Bay Area, USA.  He was an interfaith chaplain for many years working with human beings on the edges of human community. Chris is a former protestant minister who gave up his church ordination for reasons of conscience and relevance.  His spiritual autobiography Life After Faith tells his story of emergence from supernatural ministry.  His collection of chaplaincy stories, My Address is a River, journeys hidden pathways in jails and streets among people who are outcast and forgotten.  His novella, Jesus and John Muir, imagines the two great storytellers meeting and sharing adventures.  His childrens book, The Greatest Tree of All, takes young minds deep into a forest where deeper roots are discovered.  The poetry collection, Edge of the Falls, reveals the writer’s love of wordplay and images of relationship with the natural world.  Chris’ latest book, Nature is Enough, offers 34 essays on a wide variety of subjects for reasoned contemplation.

Each of Chris’ books is enhanced by his Nature photographs in both color and b & w.

Chris has recently been reading The Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes, Between Man and Beast by Monte Reel, The Creation of the American Soul by John Barry and re-reading three seminal works: Accepting the Universe by John Burroughs, The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine and “Letter from Birmingham City Jail” by MLK .

Up next on the IBooks shelf is Mary Roach’s GulpHallucinations by Oliver Sacks, Religion for Atheists by Alain de Botton, Cosmos by Alexander von Humboldt and America Aflame by David Goldfield.

In the last few months he finished reading Chris Stedman’s Faitheist, David Niose’s Non-Believer Nation, How to Be Secular by Jacques Berlinerblau and I Sold My Soul on EBay by Hemant Mehta.  He has recently read and recommends:  Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne, God’s Jury by Cullen Murphy and Mr. Hornaday’s War by Stefan Bechtel as well as Douglas Brinkley’s The Wilderness Warrior (on Theodore Roosevelt).

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  Sally Rorick-Orlando wrote @

Dear Chris — Where can I get a copy of your book. I don’t have a Kindle.
Sally Rorick-Orlando

  naturechaplain wrote @

Thanks for the note and interest, Sally. Which book or books are you looking for?
You can find all the books (in paper and electronic) on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or order through your favorite booksource.
I would be happy to hear what you think of what you read. All the best!

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