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Nine Books (2001-2010)


Meditations of John Muir:  Nature’s Temple -Now in its Tenth Printing!

First published in 2001 by Wilderness Press, this little book kicked off the six-book series and continues to sell quite well in National Parks, National Monuments and Seashores and throughout the book distribution system (AbeBooks; Amazon; Barnes and Noble; Sierra Club; Scotland; Australia; United Kingdom; Germany; etc).  It has always been an honor to be a part of a project that helps distribute the man and his message to new generations across the globe (and I’m always looking for new markets!).

When I first self-published the book (as “Nature Temple:  Wisdom from John Muir”) with a small grant from a local family foundation I wasn’t sure any “real” publisher would ever want to print it.  Then, when Mike Jones of Wilderness Press (then in Berkeley, CA) responded to the copy I sent him, he suggested the “Meditations” title and we were on our way down the trail with Muir. . .and Thoreau, Emerson, Whitman, Fuller and Burroughs.  The flagship book will be available soon in a Tenth Anniversary printing.

Now all the books (with the addition of my last three) are available in paper and electronically.  Enjoy the journey of exploration with mind and body alongside these incredible adventurers in the beauty of Nature!


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